Brighton – Logo and web design is what we do best

Outside The Line is a web design and logo design studio based in sunny Brighton,and we’ve just given our website a make over – Check it out here.

It’s been a long time coming but since launching Outside The Line 3 years ago we’ve grown a lot, learnt heaps, taken on a new web developer and worked on some awesome projects. After this ridiculously stunning Brighton Summer, there couldn’t be a better time to launch our fresh website and send out our spanking new brochure.

Since launching we’ve learned it’s important to hone our services, it’s tempting to be an all singing and dancing creative agency – but we are specialists in brand identity and web design, so that’s quite simply the services we’re offering to our clients. Our clients tend to be come friends, and we have had the pleasure of working with some awesome brands, charities and social enterprises over the last year.  Some of the feathers in our hat include a vibrant website design for The Fifth Estate, a forward thinking PR agency specialising in sound and lighting technology.  Check out the website we’ve designed for them here.

The Fifth Estate

We’ve also produced our fanciest website to date for the Knight of Illumination Awards.

The Oscars of lighting design for gigs, TV and festivals. Very cool stuff, the visuals and images really did the talking in this design, it’s always a pleasure doing projects for clients that have outstanding visual content. Viewers connect and engage far more effectively with images than with with heaps of text and words. So utilising their wealth of of images worked a treat for this project… check out the new website here.

Knight of Illumination

We have stacks of projects in the pipeline and will be keeping you up to date with all things going on.

More updates coming soon! In the mean time check out our current work!

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